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About Us

BC Septic Pro Inc. is a Registered Onsite Wastewater Practitioner (R.O.W.P)
authorized under the Sewerage System Regulation of BC to
PLAN, INSPECT,  CONSTRUCT & INSTALL wastewater treatment systems.

R.O.W.P’s are qualified to design and/or construct Type 1 and 2 systems only.
Under the direction of a Professional Engineer we may
install and construct Type 3 systems also.

We are a team of individuals with vast skills and experience who collaborate
to serve our customers, offer PEACE OF MIND, and alleviate the fear of sewage! 

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... it's all relative.

We are just happy to be on the clean and green side of things.

“Sewage system” (also known as "sewerage system") refers to the system of pipes, pumps and other equipment used for the collection, storage, and treatment of wastewater (sewage) and discharge of treated effluent." - Government of BC

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What We Do


Site analysis and Wastewater System Designs

for new construction or renovations.

We work to serve our local health authorities, municipalities, and districts, contractors and homeowners.


Install and repair Type 1 & 2 systems. Type 3 can be installed as required but only under the guidance of a Professional Engineer. 

Inspections & Site Investigations:

Assessment of existing systems to support real estate transactions or building permit applications.

We are qualified to investigate for: 

  • Onsite sewage disposal.

  • Health implications of solid and liquid waste disposal.

  • Land use activities and subdivision assessment processes

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Septic System Types

Believe it or not, there is choice on the market for the type of septic system beyond that of Type 1 or 2 classification. Septic has evolved to offer alternative sustainable, smart & reliable options. We have experience with a number of traditional systems to advanced treatment units including and not limited to:

Ecoflo, Biorock, FujiClean USA 

Who We Are

Owner Jesse, spent his late teens working alongside his Uncle, a landscape architect, and sent himself to Osteopathy college while working as a finishing carpenter. He has built two of his own homes using the concepts of Building Biology, studies that peaked Jesse's interest after undertaking his first home build, constructed of straw bales. Jesse understands the steps of new construction from the ground up. He IS THE ideas guy, and is an integral point of contact to the foundation of your build. Prioritize your septic requirements in your planning stages, using Jesse's recommended solutions, and you will realize ease of implementation and cost savings for your project. 

Other members of the BCSP team are individuals with their own skill sets in project management and analytics, architectural technology, heavy duty machine operations, and land surveying. In cooperation with our consultant Professional Engineers, BC Septic Pro Inc. has the ability to oversee the design and installation of all 3 types of approved sewerage systems throughout BC. 

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