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Frequently asked questions

My property is water access only.  Do you need a barge arranged?

No, our testing tools are carry-on by Water Taxi or ferry. We just need help reaching your property from the dock if it is beyond walking distance.

Do you pump septic tanks?

No. Our qualified evaluations remain independant from pumping services. If your tank needs to be emptied (not always the case for inspections) a pump service professional can assist you. As a provincially registered Onsite Wastewater Practitioner, our focus is on thorough inspections and engineering.

Does my system need to be registered?

For Septic Site & System design we send Septic Filing paperwork to your local officiating department. We also pull the official paperwork for system verification.

Why do I need an inspection?

Buying/selling a property with septic requires an inspection. From an ecological and health perspective, an inspection with an education session is a great way to be holistically proactive about the sustainabilty of your impact.